Cockroaches and their Control

Cockroaches are probably the most universally despised animal that there is -- and for good reason. These filthy insects are capable of causing a wide variety of serious diseases. Cockroaches also contaminate the areas where we live, work, and eat with their droppings and shed skins.

There are four primary cockroach species that are common pests in the Dayton, Ohio area:

German Cockroach

German cockroachFound throughout the world, this cockroach is often incorrectly called a "waterbug" because it locates very close to sources of moisture (especially sinks). German Cockroaches are the roaches most commonly found in homes, restaurants, kitchens and food stores. They have two dark stripes down their backs and shy away from light and air currents. Adults have overlapping wings, but they do not fly.

Brown-Banded Cockroach

Brown-Baned CockroachBrown-banded cockroaches have alternating light and dark bands running across their backs. Adult males are able to fly short distances. Females cannot fly. Brown-banded cockroaches are roughly the same size as German cockroaches, but prefer a drier habitat. They often are found infesting entire buildings, especially furniture, closets, and electronic equipment such as computers and televisions.

American Cockroach

American CockroachesSometimes called "waterbugs" or "Palmetto bugs," these are the largest common cockroaches found in Ohio. They have reddish brown wings, light brown bodies, and yellow margins around the shields on their backs. They also have rudimentary flight capability. American cockroaches are most often found in basements, sewers, utility chaseways, and other dark, damp, secluded areas.

Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental CockroachThis uniformly black cockroach is also called a sewer cockroach, and seeks dark, damp places such as basements, sewers, and utility chaseways. In the summer, they may also nest outside. Adult male Oriental cockroaches have wings that extend back about 3/4 over the abdomen. Adult females have only rudimentary wing pads. Neither sex can fly, however.

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